Fathers no doubt love their children unconditionally, but it can’t be denied that most dads have a lot more in common with their sons, which is why they spend more time with them. Perhaps because they are daunted by the task at hand when they focus on the girls. According to psychologists, fathers simply need to understand them better – their personalities, their nature as females, and the physiological differences from the males. When they slowly begin to get around with these, fathers will feel just as comfortable with their daughters as they are with their sons.

Importance Of Strong Father And Daughter Bonds

It is emphatically important for dads to bond with their girls. A lot of research has shown that when daughters have a strong and loving bond with their fathers, they are more self-confident and they relatively have marks in school. As mentioned too in other family sites, they are also more secure and assertive about themselves when they are in relationships with men. Lastly, these girls eventually have a higher chance of finishing college and getting a degree. Peggy Drexler Ph.D. further proves this point. “Fathers who might have once defined their role as helping daughters prepare to be good wives, now see it as preparing them to make and manage money, compete for jobs, handle relationships, be tough.”

It is a father’s pride to have a daughter with the traits mentioned above, but aside from these benefits of a good dad and daughter bond, taking care of this relationship is an excellent opportunity for a dad today and in the future. So how can you, as a dad, establish a loving, safe, and secure bond with his daughter?

Plan Her Birthday. Dads who strive to establish a wonderful relationship with their girls begin by getting involved with planning his girl’s favorite day, her birthday. Play an active role in learning her likes, knowing the friends she will want to be with on her special day, and the kind of day she will love to have. You’ll definitely be able to spend more time with her and will keep the bond stronger than ever.

Teach Her Some Guy Things, like fishing or fixing a car. Of course, you can start with conventional things such as biking or cleaning some things in the house. But most dads think that teaching them the things that they too love to do is easier and much more effective. Home repairs would be something that girls will appreciate and can make use of to their advantage when the time comes. Teaching your daughters some guy things can also add to their self-esteem and will make them feel that they are not inferior from the boys. They can learn too, and they can even be good at it.


Appreciate Your Girl Verbally. Yes, it is vital that you let your daughter know she is beautiful in your eyes, dad. These days, social media send wrong the messages to people – that thin is in, that great makeup is a winner, and that style is crucial. As a father, what you say has a big impact on your daughter’s self-esteem and self-worth. Instill in her the relevance of beauty from the inside by telling her that she shouldn’t only be beautiful outside but also inwardly. What a nice feeling it would be to see her smile.

Don’t Only Hear But Listen. You should have lived short enough to know how sensitive, dramatic, and bubbly girls are compared to boys, right? So take advantage of this trait of hers and listen to what she has to say about things. Listening involves hearing and understanding what your daughter says, while hearing is just being there when she’s talking without caring about what she has to say. Be her friend who can be trusted to be there when she’s happy or sad, or frustrated. Keep her secrets when there’s something she has to share with you. Being her confidante is one of the best things you can offer her and will surely strengthen your relationship with her. “Children whose fathers participate relatively more in the emotional side of parenting (e.g., comforting) have higher self-esteem than children whose fathers are less involved.” says Leon Hoffman M.D.

Have Daddy-Daughter Dates. Check out the latest movie at the malls or take your girl for ice cream. You can try activities that are a little on the thrilling side, like mountain climbing or camping if you have a teenager. Build fun memories that your daughter can take strength and meaning from so that you’re helping your relationship with her and you’re guiding her to becoming the tough woman that you want her to be.

Be A Good Role Model. How you treat women, or any person for that matter, will make a huge difference in the way she perceives men as she is growing up. So be a good example. Be kind, loyal, and loving to your wife and show respect to women, friends, and family. All these will definitely go a long way in cultivating your daughter’s respect and love to you. Carl E Pickhardt Ph.D. points out that “What the father respects and values in his adolescent daughter teaches her much about what to value and respect in herself.”


Spending time and effort in establishing your bond with your daughter will pay off in the future. Though it may look like it’s easier and more comfortable to just fish with your boys, the dad and daughter bond is a unique one, something that not all fathers get to experience. You’ll be one o the lucky few.

Nurturing Father And Daughter Bonds