Single Fatherhood: The Joy And The Pain

My wife died right after giving birth to our child.  When she was just in her first trimester, her doctor talked to us regarding her poor heart condition.  I wanted her to get an abortion. It was not that my child does not matter; it is just that my wife was more important to me.   I did not want to lose her.   I can live my life without becoming a father, but I did not think I can live a life without my wife.




Ignoring these 3 Manifestations Increases Your Risk of Prostate Cancer

Chances of getting treated are high if the discovery of these symptoms happened early on in life.

The Evidence

Currently, prostate cancer is third on the list for the most common kind of cancer with around 160,000 diagnoses every year; this is data is from the National Cancer Institute and is strictly a study done in the United States.

“If you are at high risk for prostate cancer, i.e. you are African-American or you have a close family member (brother, father) with prostate cancer, you should be screened at age 40 with the PSA and digital prostate exam,” writes Carolyn C. Ross, M.D., M.P.H.



Inconspicuous Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer

You may not be aware, but you’re already increasing your chance of having prostate cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), cancer is the second killer disease of men next to heart ailments. Prostate cancer is the second most popular type of cancer, just a nudge lower than skin cancer, the most common kind of cancer among male Americans.

“If you are at high risk for prostate cancer, i.e. you are African-American or you have a close family member (brother, father) with prostate cancer, you should be screened at age 40 with the PSA and digital prostate exam,” writes Carolyn C. Ross, M.D., M.P.H.



A Novice’s Guide To Pokémon GO Unlockables and Levels



Pokémon creators have set out to catch all of the animé’s avid fans and allow them to become a Pokémon trainer like Ash Ketchum and the rest of the gang through a free augmented reality (AR) app called Pokémon GO. From its launch date on July 2016, practically over 15 million Android and iOS users have been hooked to the game and seen walking to different places, in hopes of capturing more monsters in Poké Balls.

Hence, if you want to understand what your kids love so much about it and participate in this virtual reality, here is the novice’s guide to Pokémon GO Unlockables and Levels.

Experience Is Key

The game is like a training course for people who want to be the master of various Pokémons. You can only move on to the next level once you have gained the right amount of experience, figuratively and speaking, that Pokémon GO asks for in each level. Every monster you seize, the way you throw the ball to it, and how good you are at defeating others have corresponding points. Thus, your full focus is required.

Hatch Pokémon Eggs

If you see a co-worker brisk-walking around the building during a break, or somebody else jogging in a large park with their eyes glued to their smartphone, they are most likely trying to hatch Pokémon eggs. These eggs need you to cover two, five or 10 kilometers before the shell cracks, that’s why some players get to exercise as well. One hatched egg will reward you with EXP that is 100 times the distance you have covered.



Succeed In 40 Levels

There are 40 levels that a trainer-wannabe has to complete. The experiences you have to obtain increases by 1,000 for the first ten levels. For instance, you need 1,000 EXP to finish Level 1, 2,000 EXP for Level 2, and so forth. The number goes to up to 10,000 on the 10th level, 50,000 on the 20th, 500,000 on the 30th, and over 5,000,000 on the last scale.

Level Up Incentives

Your hard work will be compensated once you receive rewards for every level completed. They will start to appear on the 2nd level, where 15 Poké Balls are waiting for you. From Level 5 onwards, the gifts will consist of Potions, Incense, Revives, Egg Incubator, Razz Berry, and many more. The items become upgraded in newer levels.

10 Unlocks

Gyms, Basic and Max Revives, Razz Berry, Basic, Super, Hyper and Max Potions, and Great and Ultra Balls are all of the unlockables when you play the Pokémon GO. These are available on levels 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, and 30. After that, you will have to rely on your skills and the different rewards left with you until the 40th level is reached.

Final Thoughts



Pokémon GO is an amazing augmented reality game that encourages you to move and leave your comfortable chair more often.  You and your kids will be able to exercise even if you do not want to so that you can earn more points. However, as a parent, we advise you to explain to the little ones the danger of using the app in the streets, especially the busy ones.

Good luck!

Prostate Cancer Prevention: Sleep to Live

How sleep reduces your risk of developing prostate cancer and tips on acquiring that good night’s slumber.




Everyone knows a good night’s sleep is an essential factor in maintaining optimum health. Well, for those who insist that they can go on with less than seven hours of sleep daily, are at risking themselves with multiple complications in the long run.


The 5 Best ALICE Packs For Military Dads



The life of a military personnel is not always full of sunshine. They have to be deployed in various parts of the world, be away from their family, and risk their lives to protect the country and its inhabitants. On top of it all, they need to train and stay in better shape than anybody else to fulfill their difficult task of defending their motherland.

When speaking about training, we cannot forget to include the backpacks they use, as they are a staple in almost every military exercise. The main reason why they train with bags is that they need to get used to its weight. Therefore, if they need to enter the battlefield, they can carry their essentials without needing to go back to camp for any sustenance.

The backpacks that most military men and women utilize in the United States come from All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE). ALICE packs have been trusted by the armed forces since 1973 to contain the soldiers’ loads without them taking a toll on their shoulders and back. This is vital, especially when they are in a real war zone. They need to be able to fight without getting distracted by the weight of their belongings.

Let us guide you to 5 best ALICE packs in the market today.

1. Fox Outdoor Medium ALICE Field Pack

One of the best ALICE packs is the Fox Outdoor Medium ALICE Field Pack. This type of backpack is great to have when you are in the forest, whether you are military personnel or not. Its dimensions are 20” x 19” x 11” – large enough to carry a couple of days’ worth of clothes, bottled water, and ready-to-eat meals. Its camouflage design will help make it easier for the soldier to go in stealth mood any time.



2. Rothco ALICE Pack, Olive Drab

Rothco is another type of backpack from ALICE pack. With the dimensions14” x 10” x 6”, it becomes an ideal bag not just during tactical but also for any other outdoor sport. The soldiers can pack their stuff in the bag without overcrowding them. When they are on vacation but want to do something remotely related to training, this is the ALICE backpack that can suitably be brought in hikes or camping trips.

3. Military Outdoor Clothing Previously Issued US GI OD ALICE Complete Pack

This large ALICE pack will not be stored in any soldier’s cabinet without being put into good use first. The dimensions of the bag are 24” x 20” x 6”. However, what makes it stand out over the others is the fact that it has metals for the frame.

Regular backpacks do not have this feature. Hence, when filled with various items, they tend to sag down and be a burden to the wearer. But with this particular ALICE pack, no matter how many items get stored in it, the metal frame will take most of the weight and distribute the remaining weight evenly on the person’s shoulders. The result is that they would still be able to walk, run, or win over obstacles as if there have not been several kilograms on his back.

4. Fox Outdoor Products ALICE Field Pack

Another of the best ALICE packs has not one, not two, but six kidney-shaped pockets on the outside. The main compartment is sizable enough as well, and the black makes it a neutral color for both men and women in active duty. Its user will then be able to carry as much as he or she wants while away from home or camp. The bag can also be worn with a frame, which adds to its appeal.

5. Ultimate Arms Gear OD Olive Drab Green Small ALICE Field Pack

There is a saying that “great things come in small packages.” That may be spot-on with this ALICE pack as the people using this will not have a hard time packing their ammo, extra magazines, a bottle of water, and other necessities in this backpack. Its solid color seems stylish as well – a factor that some of you may like.

Final Thoughts



ALICE backpacks are a huge hit in the military. They can practically keep a soldier alive in the field when you think about it. After all, these bags can hold a lot of items that they may need for days. Some have more compartments than regular packs as well. And we’re quite certain that military dads can put one to good use even when they are not in service.

An Inspiring Story From One Dad To Another



Success isn’t for the faint at heart. I can’t help but believe that every time I look at my dad and see that behind all his jokes and happy demeanor is a man who stood up and won over one of the most vicious enemies of humankind that’s more widely known as poverty.

The Story

My dad is the eldest child in a family of six. At a young age, he had been taught by their father that he should look after his younger siblings and that he should not let their mother do all the house chores. However, since his parents’ combined salaries were not even enough for them to buy a decent meal, much more to pay for a house help who would clean their home that had worn tires on top to keep the roofs from being blown away by the strong wind or heavy rain, he took it upon himself to do some of his mother’s duties: cooking rice, washing and hanging the clothes, and even pumping the artesian well for their cooking, drinking and bathing needs since a faucet had still been a far-fetched dream for them then.

“Being helpful around the house will go a long way toward strengthening your loving relationship,” writes Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D.

When my dad went to high school, his parents sent in an expensive Catholic school because there were no public high schools yet at that time. Still having the thought of helping his family in any way he can, he applied to the janitorial services department of his school so that his tuition would be cut in half. Whenever he talks about it now, he tells me how his classmates were belittling him because his uniform and black shoes had already seen better days and that he’s mostly holding a mop instead of a pen, but my dad never gave up.

“Research has suggested that the notion that all adolescents experience the same amount or degree of storm and stress seems stereotypical at best, since things like home environment and social relationships can also shape adolescent development,” writes Darby Saxbe, Ph.D.



He knew that a college diploma would be his passport to a better life, but during those years, their father told them that his earning could only send one kid to college, so my dad’s sister was told to wait until my dad finishes his degree. However, he did not want any of his sisters and brother to stop going to school. So, he signed up to the school janitorial job again while doing his best to catch up to all his lessons. Aside from that, he would also drive their tricycle around the city until midnight, in hopes of finding people who would hire his tricycle and pay him for it, and he willingly gives all that money to his mother. After all, that’s why he’s doing all that stuff when he can just bum around and waste his life to helping his family.

So, for years, my dad’s routine had been like that. According to my grandmother and his siblings, never once did they hear him say that he’s tired or that he doesn’t want to work anymore. He always says that he can do it. And God is excellent, you know? Because all his hardships paid off.

According to psychologist Angela Duckworth, “Grit is the tendency to sustain interest in and effort toward very long-term goals. Self-control is the voluntary regulation of behavioral, emotional, and attentional impulses in the presence of momentarily gratifying temptations or diversions.”

In The End



My father currently owns a three-story house in the metropolitan, has a high-paying job, and has finally fulfilled his promise of a good life to his family. He is now enjoying the fruits of his hard labor.