The research has spoken: your nuts are in trouble if you don’t take care of them. Here are some of the latest fresh-from-the-lab studies that can help men detect, prevent, and treat prostate cancer.


Just to establish the comparison, prostate glands are walnut-sized attachments dangling between the penis and the bladder; thus the reference to a nut. These are glands that are responsible for the nourishment and protection of the sperm.


Now, why is there need to protect this specific part of the body? Well, aside from the apparent answer, which is cancer, there are a lot of health issues related to your prostate gland that may occur if you refuse to acknowledge preventive measures.


The Facts


According to the American Cancer Society, cases of prostate cancer has surged to 164,000 new cases; from that number, are about 29,000 deaths. One out of nine will be identified as a prostate cancer victim within his lifetime. One out of 41 men will die of prostate cancer.


Even with its severity, the diagnosis does not immediately mean mortality because the majority of diagnosed men are still alive. Though that’s promising, it does not give you a reason to be lenient about its prevalence especially if you are 40 years old and above.


“Nut” this Time


Yes, this is not the time for you to have prostate cancer and if you are gracious and observant to indulge in this proven ways to thwart the disease, you might be fortunate enough to dodge cancer. Rather than being optimistic, it’s better to be careful. Though these scientifically-based preventive methods won’t bestow complete immunity, there is an assurance that your nuts will be robust enough not to get cracked.


  1. Give More Love to Yourself


And by love I mean that deed you do when no one’s looking – masturbating. Science says that you should masturbate and you should do it often; sex with a partner is better but not every man has that option. Therefore, masturbating at least 21 times a month, or three to four times per week will lessen the risk of prostate cancer. This study is a fact so you should not disagree with science on this matter.


  1. Delight in Mediterranean Course


Drinking and dining like those Western European men can contribute to a healthier prostate gland. According to research, certain essentials composing the Mediterranean diet showed significant properties to fight cancer; this includes scallions or garlic, fish, legumes, and olive oil. Red wine contains antioxidants known as resveratrol that inhibit cancer growth in the prostate. However, this does not excuse you from drinking too much for increased consumption can neutralize beneficial effects instead of enhancing it.



  1. Spice It Up


Not sexually, but nutritionally. Research made at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center situated in New York citing the different kinds of herbs and spices that can reduce cancer growth by 78%. Their Center for Holistic Urology has emphasized that which also includes green tea, ginger, rosemary, and oregano having properties that can inhibit the protein that linked to prostate cancer progression.


Give Your Nut a Chance


Increasingly, studies are coming out regarding prostate cancer prevention; meaning, you have a lot of options laid out for you. All you need to do is grab yourself by the balls and be man enough to take it all, so your doctor doesn’t have to.

Securing Your Nuts from Going Nuts