The life of a military personnel is not always full of sunshine. They have to be deployed in various parts of the world, be away from their family, and risk their lives to protect the country and its inhabitants. On top of it all, they need to train and stay in better shape than anybody else to fulfill their difficult task of defending their motherland.

When speaking about training, we cannot forget to include the backpacks they use, as they are a staple in almost every military exercise. The main reason why they train with bags is that they need to get used to its weight. Therefore, if they need to enter the battlefield, they can carry their essentials without needing to go back to camp for any sustenance.

The backpacks that most military men and women utilize in the United States come from All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE). ALICE packs have been trusted by the armed forces since 1973 to contain the soldiers’ loads without them taking a toll on their shoulders and back. This is vital, especially when they are in a real war zone. They need to be able to fight without getting distracted by the weight of their belongings.

Let us guide you to 5 best ALICE packs in the market today.

1. Fox Outdoor Medium ALICE Field Pack

One of the best ALICE packs is the Fox Outdoor Medium ALICE Field Pack. This type of backpack is great to have when you are in the forest, whether you are military personnel or not. Its dimensions are 20” x 19” x 11” – large enough to carry a couple of days’ worth of clothes, bottled water, and ready-to-eat meals. Its camouflage design will help make it easier for the soldier to go in stealth mood any time.



2. Rothco ALICE Pack, Olive Drab

Rothco is another type of backpack from ALICE pack. With the dimensions14” x 10” x 6”, it becomes an ideal bag not just during tactical but also for any other outdoor sport. The soldiers can pack their stuff in the bag without overcrowding them. When they are on vacation but want to do something remotely related to training, this is the ALICE backpack that can suitably be brought in hikes or camping trips.

3. Military Outdoor Clothing Previously Issued US GI OD ALICE Complete Pack

This large ALICE pack will not be stored in any soldier’s cabinet without being put into good use first. The dimensions of the bag are 24” x 20” x 6”. However, what makes it stand out over the others is the fact that it has metals for the frame.

Regular backpacks do not have this feature. Hence, when filled with various items, they tend to sag down and be a burden to the wearer. But with this particular ALICE pack, no matter how many items get stored in it, the metal frame will take most of the weight and distribute the remaining weight evenly on the person’s shoulders. The result is that they would still be able to walk, run, or win over obstacles as if there have not been several kilograms on his back.

4. Fox Outdoor Products ALICE Field Pack

Another of the best ALICE packs has not one, not two, but six kidney-shaped pockets on the outside. The main compartment is sizable enough as well, and the black makes it a neutral color for both men and women in active duty. Its user will then be able to carry as much as he or she wants while away from home or camp. The bag can also be worn with a frame, which adds to its appeal.

5. Ultimate Arms Gear OD Olive Drab Green Small ALICE Field Pack

There is a saying that “great things come in small packages.” That may be spot-on with this ALICE pack as the people using this will not have a hard time packing their ammo, extra magazines, a bottle of water, and other necessities in this backpack. Its solid color seems stylish as well – a factor that some of you may like.

Final Thoughts



ALICE backpacks are a huge hit in the military. They can practically keep a soldier alive in the field when you think about it. After all, these bags can hold a lot of items that they may need for days. Some have more compartments than regular packs as well. And we’re quite certain that military dads can put one to good use even when they are not in service.

The 5 Best ALICE Packs For Military Dads