Society somehow depicts that a father’s role in their kids’ life is about setting up rules and providing financial needs. But it’s more than that. Having a family, raising and providing for kids, and working on the repairs at home are only a few things that fathers do. And since people usually think that mothers are the ones who play the most important role in parenthood, they disregard the impact of a father. And knowing that a child’s development not only needs motherly assistance, there are things that a father unquestionably do better. That is especially when it comes to raising a son.


In statistics, almost 90% of women are teachers. Meaning, as a child develops his well-being, he’s always in the company of women. That’s somehow the reason why a boy often lacks a male education and becomes unaware of his male capabilities and duties. In this article, I will enumerate things that only a father can provide his son.

The Lesson Of Winning And Losing

It is a valuable thing on this list because it helps a boy learn to stay happy and be content with his life no matter what happens. A father can briefly explain how crucial it is for his son to win and to lose. “Losing helps children begin to develop empathy and perseverance,” says clinical psychologist Carolyn Ievers-Landis, PhD, who works at the UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, in Cleveland.

Since a dad supports training for his son’s masculinity, his presence is required to be there for the kid in every games and event that need physical strength. It will make the boy realize how much effort it takes to reach victory. As for the father, the activities or games he will attend with his son will become an excellent opportunity to explain to his boy that defeats are unavoidable and that there is nothing shameful about failure. That instead of crying over something the boy didn’t achieve, he can always stand up and keep going.


The Right Attitude Towards Women

It’s true that a mother can also teach his son how to treat women. She can tell him how important it is to value women’s rights. However, only a father can demonstrate an excellent example of this lesson. He is the only one that can show his son what it means to be a man.

If we show respect we will teach respect,” says Justin Coulson, PhD, senior associate in Australia’s Positive Psychology Institute. “This means we respect our children, we respect other adults, and we especially respect women.”

With that, it becomes more convincing to follow direct actions than only learning through perception. A son needs to discover essential things about women and a father can deliver a comfortable conversation regarding whatever topic there may be. With the proper representation, a father can also teach a boy the importance of ethical behavior towards every unfamiliar woman he may encounter. It will lessen the awkwardness and allows communication to come in.

Man-To-Man Conversation

Some people don’t seem to realize that most male children are not that comfortable opening up about their issues with their mom. How do you think that’s going to be a big deal? Well, the truth is, there are things that only a man can tell a man. That’s because there are specific topics that boys don’t want to confront with their opposite gender due to sensitivity or censorship. Women are born understanding. However, there are situations and stuff they won’t be able to handle, especially if it’s something they always avoid to talk about in a conversation. Despite the good intentions of a mother to teach his son the proper approach to women, only a father can relay a clear message of what a son needs to do.


The Right Time To Fight Back

A father understands and knows how important it is to secure tolerance. However, when the situation calls for a fight, he’s the only one who can properly teach a son how to do it. His focus will be on his boy’s strength and firmness to stand up for himself, especially when he’s right. “Knowing that you have the skills and capacity to defend yourself gives most children a new outlook and a new attitude,” says David Coleman, a clinical psychologist and author.

A father can train his son to detect what’s worth a fight and what’s not. It allows a more reasonable choice not to pay attention to provocations by others. Only a father can explain better the difference of kindness to a weakness that sometimes avoiding a fight can still become a good option. That goes for strength and dominance as well. It’s not because a person is capable of hurting someone, it doesn’t mean he should have to prove it.

Finding The View Of The World

A father doesn’t need to exert too much effort on letting his son experience what’s in the world. However, his guidance is beneficial for the learning the boy can get from what supposed to be something out of hand. A father, who’s always there for his kid, means that a mother is not the only one who contributes and influences a son’s development. That the requirements and expectations he may have to handle demand a different approach.

When it comes to upbringing, both a father and a mother should be on the same side. But regarding views and perception of life, teachings can be different, and that’s normal.

Things Every Dad Should Teach Their Son