One of the memorable events that I attended so far is the 2014 warren blogging symposium. It was one of the first symposiums that I joined when I was still new to the blogging community. Up to this point, I can remember my hesitation to join the said event, mainly when there was no one around to motivate me at that time. I did not even have friends who are already in the blogging world. However, since I wanted to learn something new, I leaped and registered for the said event.



Fortunately, everything turned out nice and amazing. I have to say that the said symposium was filled with exciting activities and people. During the seminar, I learned many lessons that I still use to my blogging career. Below are some of the important things I got from the event:


  1. You need to be passionate about blogging if you want to succeed. Otherwise, you will only end up a mediocre writer who cannot influence or inspire others (such as your readers).


  1. Choose the perfect niche for your blog. As much as possible, avoid writing about general topics so that you will know the specific target audience for your site. Mixing everything in one platform can be confusing to your target readers.


  1. Always write from the heart. Do not create an article for the sole purpose of pleasing your readers. Instead, be honest about what you talk about in your site. Be authentic to ensure that the people who follow your blog from day one will remain to be one of your subscribers.




Blogging is indeed fun and fantastic. I have to be honest by saying that blogging change my life completely. I’m just glad I chose to attend symposiums and workshops about this hobby in the past.


Things I Learned From The 2014 Warren Blogging Symposium