Community Rally Call: Support for Scott

Many times during my battle with cancer, the online community rallied behind me. Words of encouragement and support poured in from all directions. Fellow bloggers shared my story and fundraiser on sites all over the web. To this day, I still stumble across posts from September of 2012 that I never even knew people had written. And the support, the encouragement, the words of compassion, it made a huge difference in my life at that time.

Now, there is another dad in the blogging community that is in need of this same support. It’s once again time to rally the troops, put on the battle armor, and stand with him as he begins his journey through treatment.


His name is Scott Serene, the creative mind behind “This Daddy’s Blog”. For those who have not read his blog or followed him on Twitter, here’s a brief introduction. Scott is the father of four, and the devoted husband to Tracy. Scott is also an avid sports fan and mega fan of the Atlanta Falcons. He is an avid member of the CrossFit community and has been working towards becoming a certified CrossFit coach. Scott is a supportive guy for anyone looking to get into shape. When not working, working out or writing, he enjoys the time with his family and his role as a dad.

In February, Scott was diagnosed with Grade 4 Glioblastoma (GBM Brain Cancer). It’s an aggressive type of tumor and represents about 17% of all primary brain tumors. The exact causes of GBM are unknown. I’ve talked with Scott on Twitter a little bit in the last few days. He is undergoing a treatment protocol known as the Stupps Protocol that includes radiation therapy 5 times a week and chemotherapy in pill form daily along with it. Going through his Twitter feed it’s great to see that Scott still has a good sense of humor about him. But I am sure there is also the uncertainty that comes with being diagnosed.

Scott and His Team of Doctors

A friend of the family setup a website, TeamScott, to provide updates on Scott as his treatment progresses, and is helping to raise funds through Fundly to help offset the financial burden that comes with the cancer experience. According to the site, there will soon be TeamScott t-shirts available to order as well to help support the Serene family during this time.

If I don’t encourage you to do anything else today, then let me encourage you to throw your support behind Scott and the Serene family during this time. Let me encourage you to skip that fast-food meal today, and put that money to better use. Take some of that change you’ve been collecting, cash it in, and pay it forward. Every little bit goes a long way. I also understand that not everyone is financially able to give. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still join the team. Send Scott your words of encouragement on Twitter and his blog, sign up to receive updates from the TeamScott website and leave your comments of support, love, and encouragement there.

When it comes to fighting cancer, NOBODY ever has to fight alone. So join myself and many others as we stand with Scott and his family.


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